Sunday, July 20, 2008

GLOW Santa Monica

Ok i have to tell you a little about this GLOW....

it is about the most amazing thing that has ever happened to Santa Monica Beach!

basically the City got a few amazing lightshow artists and installation artists, a few djs and a whole load of people on drugs!!! was so much fun (i dont do drugs) but the people were so crazy and fried it was so entertaining to watch!! and of course the good music and amazing art installation. GLOW was from 7pm to 7am!! it was just too amazing!! TOO AMAZING!!

I was with a bunch of amazing people too, from my good friend jhett and robbie, to my new friends kim and krista!! it was just a night to remember, and an experience i hope to share through my photos!


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Sorrelle said...

how awesome!!! Is the pretzel debut next??? I love it.