Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Halloween ONCH Costume Contest

It’s already the end of September which means Halloween is right around the corner!!

I’ve come up with a fun contest to get everyone in the spooky spirit! Well maybe not spooky spirit, but definitely another chance to dress up colorful and fun!!!!

A lot of people sent me pictures last Halloween of them dressed up as me so I thought, why not have an Onch Costume Contest!!!

Bust out your favorite pair of rainbow socks, suspenders, big round sunglasses and dress up as ONCH!!!

Entries will start being accepted on October 21st all the way up till November 2nd.

Multiple entries will be accepted just make sure each submission has a unique look and style.

A winner will be announced on November 4th and will receive an Onch Lollipop Necklace.

All entries should be sent via email to

**ONLY entries sent to the email address will be judged.

*Honorable Mentions will get a prize (Onch doodles!!)

you can also twitpic the photo to share with onch at (will NOT be counted as a submission)

Get your friends to dress up too!!! Bonus points for Onch and Paris combos!!!

Remember the more creative, the better! Stay true to your inner ONCH!

Here are some of my favorites from last year!!!!


My Twitter said...

I love you onch! Please follow me! :D Follow me,, @Twist_TokitaBee

I like it!

ILoveOnch said...

Taem Onch, yay! I like you Onch and i would be glad if you follow me on the twitter

<3 you , xoxo RainbowGirl ;)