Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My visual diary

Finally I got my visual diary made yesterday!

I bought a Bristol paper sketch pad (thick paper), brought it to
kinkos to get it cut into half and binded!!

My visual diary is Perfect size, best quality paper, simply awesome!

I started to do a little of the first page yesterday. But today I had
to finish it off, otherwise I wouldn't be able to lol!!

What do you think??

Hope i inspired you! You should all start your very own visual diary!
It's so much fun and brings back so many amazing memories when you
look back at it!!

I'm a very visual person, so words totally don't work for me! Pictures
pictures pictures! Pictures all the way!!

Muah! Blogging in bed after a bowl of kettle corn and green seedless
grapes (I'm such a miss piggy)


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