Thursday, January 14, 2010

Oprah Bumpin it!

Oprah i love you! but what the fruit!?? did you bump-it much?? wow! the hair is insane! its out of this world! its almost the size of the world!!! WOW... i wonder what miss O did to make the hair Anti Gravity! im blown away! im at a lost of words! (lol who am i kidding, i can type a whole bible inspired by Lady O's Hair!!) Miss Oprah, your hair puts Snookie to shame!! lol

Blogging while trying to tease my hair!! but it aint working cause my hair is too naturally silky straight!! Dang it! gotta get me a Bumpit!


1 comment:

Anna said...

i totally agree about the hair thing, I have silky asian hair too and you can't really do much with it sometimes.