Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rain is gross!

I love LA for a good reason! And that is that we usually 97% of the
time have amazing weather! Perfect for just about any outdoor
activity.... But these few days have been totally different! The rain
has been pouring and earlier today there was even a tornado warning!!
In LA?? What is happening to this world???

Blogging while packing my survival kit... Packing some food... Some
flash lights... Tone of sweets!

Stay dry everyone ;)


P.s photo was taken within the hour of clear sky we had!! So sad ;(


paradoXal said...

PS. It's -10°C in Finland in the northern part of Europe (and I live in the southest part of Finland) and 40cm snow outside! So don't complain about rain or tornados, this temperature freezes your ass :D

onchmovement said...

that is insane!! so freaking cold!!

stay worm paradoxal! ;)


Japanese DoLL said...

Oh no, it's really cold here. in nothern part of Belarus) It's -27 here tonight( I'm frozen( I'd prefer to have rain... It's cold outside, in school, at home... I'm fed up with this weather(